Photographers became magicians in the chemistry and technology of Arts... so I wanted to be a Photographer. Freed of the limits of representing the real world, artists have beenn becoming more adventurous and more human... so I wanted to be an Artist.

   I work with "photo-sensitised" metal (in the manner of the Niépce photo process) what I leave to develop simply by rusting. The oxydation reveals a photographic image I can work on while appearing. Taking from two to three weeks of time, I can then "communicate" with the image. The rust attacks the metal in random fashion so I erase parts of the image or I scrape, brush and abrade the metal. I write into the material during the development, creating an intimate relationship between my "painting" and my photos.

   This amalgam led me to choose rust, being a chemical medium (essential to photography) and at the same time naturally plastic. By working on the oxydation of metal, I offer a new experimental medium where the realism of the model (as claimed by photography) and my subjective interpretation are inseparably linked.

Nowadays, we keep on being invaded by images, and the magic of the photographic technique has ceased to amaze. Photographers have to talk about something else. If there's nomore magic side, no technical wizardry nor great skills to prove, dreams and fantasies are still there to be explored.


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